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Behind every tuxedo and wedding dress there's a couple with a unique story. Many times this gets lost in the shuffle and obscured by the wedding itself. There's so much more to who you are and we'd love to discover it...and create a film that's unmistakably you! Basic coverage starts at $1,300. Wedding Films start at $2,500.

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Products and services don't generally move us, stories do! From creative ideation to the final cut we'll help ensure your viewers don't just receive information about your brand, but are inspired by it. Contact us today for a quote!


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Katrina + Clarence

Carters On Cloud 9

For Katrina + Clarence, the University of North Texas brought two great things; college degrees and true love. Although they met and became friends at UNT, their love didn't take flight until several years later. Once they took off, there was no coming down. Throughout the years, these two Eagles have continued their ascent together; soaring far into the heavens and reaching "Cloud 9".

Chaunva LeCompte

Photographer and Mom

Chaunva LeCompte is an enthusiastic mom who is blessed with a gift for and is passionate about creating imagery that preserves the tender moments of maternity. Check out more of her photographic treasures at chaunva.com.

Crystal + Nate

The Hunt Is Over

The hunt began about 16 years ago when a young boy from Grand Prairie, Texas set his eyes on a pretty girl from Fairfield. Nate loves the outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherman, while Crystal finds comfort indoors...at the shopping mall. The difference in interests has always been overshadowed by their interest in each other. And though they met as teenagers, they eventually matured...as did their love.

Through times of great personal loss, their friendship maintained its strength. Nate soon realized that his biggest, most important catch was never outdoors, but was at home standing right next to him. So, on May 25, 2013, Crystal + Nate declared the hunt to be over and decided to take the next step together...not just to become husband and wife, but permanent hunting and fishing partners.

Odyssey Ink

Mentoring Teenage Fathers

Luis is a teenage father who wants to be a good father to his daughter, but didn't have a positive male role model at home to show him how to do that. He started a mentorship program, offered by Odyssey Ink, to get the support he needed to not only be a better student, but a better father to his child. You can get more information about this mentorship program, as well as others, at OdysseyInk.org

Rhonda + Tommie

Just Perfect

Meticulous, detailed, well-organized professionals are used to being able to keep things together. But when staring in the face of true love...anything goes! After putting lots of thought into planning the perfect wedding, the day had finally arrived. A picturesque chapel buzzed with anticipation, custom-fitted tuxedos were neatly pressed, and personally designed rings were boxed and ready to be exchanged. Although these details were part of the wedding day, it was the emotional warmth and excitement of Rhonda + Tommie that really made a rainy Saturday in March...just perfect!

AMP Fitness

Mari Sol's Transformation

AMP Fitness is a gym that helps people transform their bodies and their lives in ways they never thought possible. In this story, Mari Sol explains her fitness journey and the role AMP played in helping her reach her goals.

March Of Dimes

The McCoys

Brian and Denae are a young couple who looked forward to welcoming their twin girls into the world. Little did they know their daughters would arrive early and have to fight for their lives. This story explores their journey from the pregnancy to the NICU, to the March of Dimes' role in the fight to keep their babies alive.

In the United States, 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely. The March of Dimes funds research and works hard to help all babies have a healthy start. To learn more, visit marchofdimes.com

Toya + Brandon

Building It Together - Trailer

Toya + Brandon are two people who love crafting as much as they love each other. For the past few years they've spent a lot of time working on crafting projects together. Now that they've mastered teamwork on that level, they're taking it to another level...building a brand new life together.

Jacquitta + Louis

Perfect Timing

Prairie View A&M University not only produces productive people, but also produces amazing couples! Jacquitta and Louis both met while attending PV as Engineering students. Although they quickly became good friends, Louis secretly wanted a bit more than that from his "Adorable Duncan". Two decades after meeting they reconnected, but this time was different. The secret was divulged and they both ultimately realized what had been there all along. When it's meant to be, time and distance don't matter...only love does.

COM Consulting

Connecting The Dots

Church Operations Management, known as COM Consulting, is firm that empowers church leaders with transformational knowledge and tools to improve their church's health and success. This piece was designed to illustrate COM Consulting's role in helping organizations reach their goals.

Volunteer Spolight

Marlowe Williams

Marlowe Williams is a volunteer on the Facilities Team at Trinity Harvest. For many, the church is a home away from home and it's great to have volunteers like Marlowe to help ensure it is properly maintained and cared for. From general maintenance to renovation projects, the work they do is absolutely amazing. To check out some of the other cool volunteer opportunities at THC visit thcconnects.com/volunteer.


Whether you’re a couple, corporation, or have a cause, we believe you have a unique story that deserves to be told.

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